Creating A PhD Dissertation: Basic MLA Format Citation Rules

A PhD dissertation is arguably the most advanced academic paper one will ever partake on writing. On this premise, understanding the bits and bytes of crafting something phenomenal and award winning is a necessary evil. When you have to make an edge in your academic progress, it is therefore important to appreciate the need for great literary composition so that everything goes as planned. Many times, students who ignore the rules of academic paper composition such as formatting and citation end up with poor grades and even get at loggerheads with their tutors. The question then is; why fail on your most important and perhaps your very last dissertation paper when you can always source out for tips here and there regarding how to go about troublesome areas?

It takes a good writer understanding of some simple and basic rules to come up with an award winning paper. However, without appropriately citing your sources, everything could just end up awful. Citation is a necessary evil when you are looking for high scores in your paper. Citation is essentially to make your paper verifiable, trustworthy and reliable. When you cite your sources of information, it means you were actually engaged in the field. Cited works can also be trusted when they are the means through which knowledge gaps and problems in the society can be addressed. So, what are the basic rules for citation when you are writing your PhD thesis? This post examines some fundamental ones for your consideration.

General rule of the thumb for formatting

Well, formatting is strongly ingrained into academic writing and this is largely to give your paper credibility, make it neat and easy to read. Fundamental formatting rules will always emphasize on making sure that your paper font size is set to twelve, spaces between texts double spaced and that font type, Times New Roman is use at all times. At the end of your page, a margin of one inch should be left all around. Paragraphs should be indented at least one inch from the left edge and to be accurate, pushing the space bar five times is discourage but rather tap on the tabs once.

The title page formatting

Sometimes this is not required. However, in the event that it is needed, having your name, name of your supervisor, course name and date are a necessity. They should be centrally placed, in standard title capitalization. Do not capitalize, bold or italicize.

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