Where to search for a good dissertation introduction template

Dissertations are a central part of academic writing, but can be difficult to begin. To find a good template, look no further than here! Below, we have listed some tips to help you get started in writing a great introduction.

You dissertation introduction should make sure to include the following things:

  1. Describe your topic and stance on that topic. Make sure the argument of the paper is clear and concise. If what you are going to write about seems confusing to the reader in the introduction, chances are they will not ever get to the first main paragraph. Your thesis is the most important part of the paper because it states what you will be researching and how you seek to prove/disprove a theory on that topic.
  2. What is the importance of the issue you are researching? Are you researching how stem cells can cure cancer or how fish breathe? You want to make sure that your topic is an end to a means not a means to an end; in other words, your research should involve something relevant to today’s issues or controversies.
  3. What you think the outcomes of your research will be. Having a hypothesis is important, so that you have specific and measurable results to aim for when conducting your research. You should be seeking to prove or disprove a current theory and not just observing something aimlessly.
  4. Who will benefit from your study? Will your research make contributions to the field of psychology, aid patients with a certain disease, or help in some other way? Including who the beneficiaries of your research are will help you form connections with other people and organizations, as well as contribute to something bigger than the research itself.
  5. How you will conduct your research. Write about the methods you will use to execute your research such as: which tools you will use, how long the observation periods will be, what technology aids will be involved, which testing population you will use, etc. Covering the methods you plan to use in your research will allow others to interpret the data you find in their own way.
  6. How your background on the matter makes you qualified to conduct this research. Build your own credibility by listing your previous education and research experience. If you have extensive prior experience on the topic you are researching, then your observations and input on that research will be more valid.
  7. Write about any imitations or contributions to percentage of error that might come up in your research. Accounting for any margins of error in your introduction will allow you to attain more accurate results, and ultimately write a better dissertation.

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