Expert Advice on Writing A Dissertation Proposal

At long last the time has come for you to write your graduate dissertation proposal. The only problem is, despite the years of academic writing that have led up to it, you still aren’t sure how to get it done.

Thankfully, we have included some dissertation proposal writing tips, straight from the experts.

  1. Be Formal But Not Too Formal
  2. Obviously, when approaching your dissertation proposal-writing project you want to demonstrate a certain level of professionalism. After all, you will be presenting to your faculty; a group of people professional that you are soon hoping to call your peers.

    With that in mind do you really want to bore them with yet another half-baked student proposal? Or do you want to wow them with a fantastic pitch that demonstrates your passion for your area of study?

    Yes, it is important for students to properly prepare and put together their dissertation proposal to demonstrate their technical writing skills. However, it is also a great opportunity to showcase your personality and why you would make a great addition to the “team”.

  3. Think About Your Presentation
  4. Another great piece of advice that we can offer is that you really should be thinking of your proposal more as a presentation and less like a paper.

    In many instances students are required to stand at the front of the room and deliver their proposal in person. Keep this in mind while you are writing. How are you going to make your proposal engaging and interesting.

  5. Prepare For Questions
  6. Recognizing that the dissertation proposal process is much more like a presentation then it is a writing assignment you should also be prepared to answer questions at the end. In fact, not being able to answer the faculty’s questions appropriately could cause your proposal to be rejected- so be prepared.

    One way to prepare for this is by making a list of potential questions that you may be asked and memorizing the answers. This will assure that you are ready to go and look like you have thought things through when they begin their inquisitions.

  7. Get To The Point
  8. Last but certainly not least, make sure that you get to the point quickly. Excessive rambling is often off-putting and can make your proposal seem stuffed.

    Instead, clarify your concept. Include only the most relevant details and open the table up for any further questions. Remember, save some juice for the actual dissertation- it is just the proposal after all.

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