Best Tricks for Dissertation Writing

A dissertation is a big and exciting milestone in academics, careers, and in life. Congratulations! It can also be a bit scary. Moving into the process with a series of helpful tips will make the process much easier.


  • Advisor
  • Connecting with your advisor is very important. If there is no connection with the person guiding your future, request a change immediately. Come up with a weekly schedule for the meetings and reviews with your advisor on paper’s progress. Make sure you notify you advisor if you make any large changes in your paper. Keeping in touch, is important.

  • Not Carved in Stone
  • Long thought should go into the topic selection. You will live, eat, and breathe this topic for months to come. However, the topic can be changed or slightly modified if the desired development is not being produced. Adjustments will need to be made, they should be expected, and if they are not made, something is wrong with the progress of the dissertation.

  • Search Carefully
  • Search your topic carefully and be particular. This dissertation needs to be unique to stand out from the crowd. Your argument should show that you have not only proven your point, but you have found unique and singular proof for that point.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Take on Big Names
  • Do not be afraid to challenge Shakespeare, show disdain for Hugo, or show Milton as an antagonist to your thesis. Just ensure the proper research documentation can be found for support of your radical and unique idea.

  • Expert
  • When all is said and done, you will be the expert in this topic. Be confident in this knowledge as your progress in your wring and research. And it is imperative you go in for your argument and last review with the alpha dog attitude. But this attitude must be supported by your findings and clear written presentation.

  • Looking Beyond the Argument
  • After your dissertation is argued and accepted and approved, keep in mind that your paper may become a book or a series of articles. The milestone of writing an approved dissertation can suddenly become a new milestone of being an expert in the selected field with publication credits.

Approach dissertation writing with confidence and a clear game plan. Success will follow those who have a plan and are not afraid to work hard to achieve this career and academic milestone.

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