How To Create A Good Master’s Thesis: Useful Hints

Writing a Master’s thesis is an inevitable but interesting and useful experience marking a new stage in your professional and intellectual development as a person. Remember that your work should create some new value and be useful for your future career. To respond to this challenge, you should keep in mind some rules and stick to a specific procedure regulating the process of writing.

Two Types of Theses: Humanities vs. Natural Sciences

Regard the thesis as evidence of your achievements in the study of a field of science. Two types of theses require different approaches, especially at the stages of investigating and processing the data. A qualitative thesis (for the graduates of art and humanities) presupposes exploration, analysis, description of some problem. The data are gathered on the basis of interviews, questionnaires, etc. A quantitative thesis is the result of some research work in natural sciences. It must reflect the results of experiments, tests, analysis of survey data, recommendations on practical usage.

A Challenge: Choosing a Topic

No matter what kind of a thesis you are to write, your first step will be considering, choosing and formulating its topic. Any academic discipline is centered on a great number of ideas and concepts, so it may seem difficult to find a theme to develop which you could produce something new and original. With the flow of time some ideas and concepts become out-of-date. The world changes rapidly, and so does people’s attitude to it. Think of and put forward a new hypothesis or a theory concerning some stable knowledge. Conduct an extensive survey of primary sources before you choose a topic so as not to be accused of plagiarism.

Play a Fair Game

Determine research objectives, state the research question and think over the methodological basis of your investigation and scientific approaches. Bear in mind that the Master’s thesis is a product of your own problem-solving and creativity, and the stage of conducting research is the main part of the task. Don’t use other people’s ideas: there is no way you can copy an existing work of another author from the Internet and get away with it. Still, copywriting is affordable with the appropriate citation.

The Content and the Design are Both of Value

Get information about the formatting requirements for your paper. They concern mainly the structure of the material. Adhere to the outline of the thesis. Follow the rules for inserting tables, diagrams, and illustrations. Present the results of your work in an interesting, informative manner, making them evident and persuasive.

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