How to Find Interesting Dissertation Topics on the Web

When it comes to writing a dissertation topic, students have to create a topic that is extremely unique. This paper will represent the culmination of their graduate education and can influence the future course of their career. Since it takes so many years to write, the topic has to be something that the student is interested in. Additionally, there has to be information available for research.

  • Selecting a Title
  • Before students can begin to create an outline or even crack the books, they need to pick a working title. In the beginning, it helps to limit the topic area to only ideas that are relevant to the degree field. Afterward, students can narrow down titles from the list to ones that they actually feel interested in.

  • An Interesting Topic Matters
  • Although students could write about anything they want, they should use a topic that they find interesting. A dissertation takes months and years of work. Choosing a boring topic will make it difficult for the student to become motivated. Too often, students select a topic that is only interesting to their academic adviser. When this happens, it quickly becomes apparent that the student does not actually care about the thesis.

  • Manageable and Familiar Topics Work Better
  • Even when a topic is interesting, it may not always work for the student. Writing about expressions of friendship in 10th century French letters will only work if the student has access to the letters. For students with a minimal travel budget, a topic must have available research in a nearby area. It cannot be so difficult that the student cannot write it. In general, a familiar topic will make it easier to write the dissertation.

  • Find a Current, Challenging Dissertation Topic
  • Although the dissertation topic should be familiar, it should also the challenge the student. The evidence for the thesis should not be completely obvious before the essay begins or the student will receive a passing grade at best. Dissertations are meant to add to the academic body of knowledge. If the student's topic just reiterates information that is already accepted, it will not make it through the dissertation committee.

    A current topics not always necessary if the student plans on providing an argument so strong that it turns academia on its head. Unless the student plans on making a significant discovery with a solid argument, it is better to use a dissertation topic that is relevant in the academic world. Choosing a current topic will also ensure that the student can easily find research information.

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