Where To Find A Good Dissertation Contents Template

Most students will agree that the easiest part of writing a dissertation is the actual body of the text. At least, that is when you compare it to the rest of the paraphernalia! Title pages, bibliographies and contents pages are a nightmare, especially if you really don’t have a clue where to start. The best thing to do, therefore, is to try and find templates for all the things you need inspiration for - except it’s not all that easy to find dissertation contents templates. Or is it? Listed below are the best places to find samples that will help inform your own work.

  • Google
  • Always the first port of call for free and easy-to-access examples of essays and other academic writing, Google is the best place to find dissertation contents templates online. Simply type in the best search terms and off you goes! Remember to try multiple searches in order to find the best and most relevant results, and do also include what subject you are studying, since the samples may differ between the sciences and humanities, for example.

  • Paid-for essay sites
  • There are plenty of places online which offer to send you essays and other academic texts in return for a small fee. These are always an option if you’re struggling for time and don’t want to go to the hassle of trawling through Google, or if you have a bit of disposable income. The quality of essays from these sorts of sites, however, can range from extremely good to extremely poor, so make sure to read reviews and see if you can get a free sample so that you can check what sort of quality you’ll be getting for the price you pay.

  • University libraries/other students
  • Many, many other students before you have tackled dissertations and come out the other end with fantastic results. Many of these people still have their work with them, hidden away in a file on the computer, or even saved in the university library with hundreds of other examples of academic work. It is always worth trying to the library or department archives, looking for other people’s work, particularly if their work is on a similar topic or the same subject as yours. This is particularly beneficial because, if your university has specific guidelines about contents pages, other students’ work will conform to these guidelines if their work is in the university library.

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