Helpful advice: journalism dissertation topics

Finding the right topic for a dissertation is not easy; sometimes it’s downright difficult. A dissertation is the biggest paper in your college career. It is evidence that you are ready for the journalism degree by presenting an author’s research and findings. It seems like an overwhelming task, but taking simple steps and staying on a timetable can help a student succeed at creating a top-notch dissertation.

  • Think it through
  • When beginning the process of picking a topic, you want to think about what you as the writer want to say. You want to choose a topic that you are proficient in, a topic that you have something to say on. But you also want to think about the research that is available. Thinking about the topics you know about, and what research is available will help you narrow it down to a topic that will be great for a dissertation.

  • Plan Ahead
  • A dissertation is something that you know about for months in advance. Planning ahead is key. As a student, you already know that leaving things to the last minute makes for a stressful few days and normally a bad grade. This is something you can’t do with the dissertation. You need to start thinking about topics before you even begin the class/semester where you write it. Plan it out, think it out and be prepared.

  • Don’t Quit
  • Finding the right topic might be very difficult; you might have some false starts. You might choose a topic, but then realize that you don’t have enough information for the amount of paper that you have to write. Then you are faced with trying to start from scratch. But don’t quit or give up or let any one hold you back. Keep pursuing the right topic and you’ll be fine.

  • Write Everyday
  • After finding a topic that you want to stick with, take the time to write it out. Write everyday; this will help add to the skill level of your final dissertation paper. Also, when you write out what you want to do about the topic, you are able to tell quickly if the topic is a good one for your dissertation.

Following these simple tips will help you, the student, pick the right topic to write your dissertation. It should also help take some of the stress out of choosing what to write about. Finding the right topic will be easy when you think it through and find something that you want to write about with the proper amount of preparation.

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