How To Use An APA Style Dissertation Template To Compose Your Own Paper

Writing for fun is a wonderfully free experience where the creative side of your soul can soar and achieve bliss. In most cases, the rigidity of academic writing makes such experiences impossible. The creation of a thesis, essay or term paper often requires an adherence to a particular writing format that governs all the minutiae of margin widths, font sizes, bold and italicizing as well as the structure of citations. One of the most popular such formats is APA, created by and named for the American Psychology Association. To get started in this style without losing your mind, it’s recommended that you employ a template and here’s a good way to get started with that:

  • Keep a sample paper nearby
  • Templates are empty. Your job is to fill them with the research you have written up. If this is your first time using the format, even the template will seem complex to you so it helps to have a completed dissertation on hand to make comparisons with as you go along.

  • Read the guidelines
  • Like any academic format, the APA style has its own booklet of rules that you should look through at least once before attempting to follow. Make good enough notes and you may never need to read the booklet again. Still, if you must review it more than once, be comforted by the knowledge that it’s not very long.

  • Have someone else explain it to you
  • Before you input anything, make sure that you understand what goes where. One of the best ways to get that understanding is by asking for help. Who you ask depends on who you feel most comfortable with as well as who is most knowledgeable. If your professor knows best but scares you, you may not listen as keenly and the explanation will not do you much good. If you enjoy your friends’ company but their just as clueless as you, they won’t be much help either.

  • Make sure you look the whole thing over
  • A template simplifies the dissertation writing process but it won’t work magic. If you write garbage, it will merely present you with well formatted garbage and that’s what you’ll end up submitting. Proofread the whole thing from cover to cover. Then edit it for style errors. These can be tricky so take your time.

By the end you should have created excellent work.

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