10 Dissertation Question Examples For University Students

Most of us have written dissertations in various subjects but have you ever written dissertation questions in any subject for University student.

Below are the 10 dissertation question examples for university students in Sociology -

  • Dissertation question example #1: Employing the wide array of sociological, historical and literary references, address suburban neurosis and its appraisal in the social community. Cite your opinions based on contemporary academics, medical professionals and commentators?

  • Question example #2: Analyze the effects of ageing population in Elderly Britain? What are its consequences on the welfare state in respect of social care and health provisions?

  • Question example #3: Analyze the current state of post industrial society and its relation with social exclusion in Newcastle? Why North-East became a long term unemployment area within United Kingdom? State various initiatives that diminished economic gulf between rich and the poor.

  • Question example #4: State your opinion from a critique point of view on the topic - Feminist pornography. How the relevant subject can be used as a tool for female empowerment and in promoting education for the physically weaker sex. Prepare a chart from the history extracting data after 1970 on the issues of free speech and represent it in the pornography industry in today‚Äôs context.

  • Question example #5: How to reduce poverty in Britain via multifaceted welfare state? What are its consequences? Discuss Blair and Brown administrations and its relation with existing era of budgetary restraints.

  • Question examples #6: Write the dissertation critiques based on the opinions of Massey. Categorize them according to co-urban and metropolitan development 1970 onwards. Write your perceptions in context of place and study it in the communicative world.

  • Question example #7: Using a hierarchical multiple regression analysis, write a sociological approach regarding the study of children in the soccer leagues. Evaluate its effect when supported with crowd support, motivation and training in UK. Stet the differences in terms of boys and girls teams.

  • Question example #8: Write a dissertation question example from a social perspective view when teacher training is offered to mid aged students. Mention newest theories of classroom management. Assess them based on practical classroom realities.

  • Question example #9: Analyze the sociology of governance based on laws and regulations. State your examples in respect to rejections or acceptance of city mayors in contemporary era.

  • Question example #10: Write an assessment of methodological advancements in Sociology. Evaluate qualitative and quantitative approaches in this sector in context of volunteered surveys, confidential agreements and issues with the data protected.

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