A number of popular dissertation topics in psychology.

This particular article will help you choose between wide ranges of topics for your psychology dissertation. But first things first you need to know what makes a psychology dissertation different from the rest.

The ABC of a Psychology Dissertation

A psychology dissertation demands a lot more work as compared to any other social science paper. It requires a very detailed and thorough research of both recent literature and historical findings. You’re analyzing human behavior patterns and their mental thinking process and you need to be a 100% accurate. You need to put in some original thoughts and work and maybe some fieldwork too. You’ll need to conduct surveys or group observation experiments to study the hidden characteristics of the population. You need to do a feasibility analysis of conducting your study, select a population and sample size and perform tons of other tasks but first of all you need to select a topic.

Some popular dissertation topics

  • Anxiety and its varying forms among college students
  • Impact of group therapy on couples with troubles marriage
  • Eating habits and sleep patterns of infants and adults, a sharp comparison
  • Symptoms of depression in housewives
  • Can music be used as a therapy to cure criminal behavior
  • Connection between people with self-harm tendencies and social networking websites
  • Connection between the choice of drug being abused by an individual and his personality type
  • Distinguishing characteristics of introverts and extroverts in high schools
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder in women
  • Decision making in men and women, a sharp contrast
  • The mental impact of aging on women.
  • Why do women seek attention while men seek solitude?
  • The effect of office layout on employee productivity
  • The reaction of men and women towards the bitter reality of death.
  • Can female drivers be trusted with emergency driving?

Additional Topics

  • The impact of religion on your society
  • How are schools these days limiting individual creativity?
  • Teen obsession with popular videogames
  • Increasing popularity of pornographic art among single men and women
  • The indifference of modern youth towards sexual boundaries
  • The permanent effects of early life bullying on an individual’s psychosocial development
  • The gender specific treatment of women at workplace
  • The use of curse words by the slums
  • The impact of attention span on an individual’s ability to learn at college.
  • Leadership: an inborn trait or a socially acquired behavior?

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