Creative Writing Tips For Your PhD Dissertation

When you are writing a PhD dissertation you have a long road ahead of you. It is important that you hone your creative writing skills by adhering to the following tips:

  • *read previously published dissertations to get a feel for their work
  • *read creative writing guide books with suggestions and writing examples
  • *take a creative writing course to help hone your skills
  • *attend creative writing workshops as put on in the local community or your academic institution
  • *read read and read some more

Planning and Research

The dissertation is a big commitment and it is imperative that because of the scope of the project you plan things meticulously.

Create a timetable for your project and different deadlines and then stick to that timetable. There is no excuse in a project like this for letting things wait until the last minute. You will always stumble upon issues:

  • You won’t be able to find the books you need
  • You will have delays in getting replies to your questionnaires
  • Your printer or USB drive will start acting up

But you need to allow for all of these issues. Be flexible about the materials and set the “return by” date for your questionnaires to a few days before you really need them. Always have a back up USB drive or know where another printer is located. None of these problems will be excused so be prepared.

When you work with your advisor create an initial readinglist and make sure that the contents of that reading list are up to date and relevant to your topic. Approach your reading with questions in mind that relate to your topic and that you need to answer. If you don’t form the questions ahead of time you will waste a lot of time reading over information that may not be valuable.

Remember if you are using a survey or questionnaire that many people and companies will have a varied response time so don’t let that be a source of disappointment or hindrances. Have a backup plan. Remember too that most of your writing will need to be revised several times. You won’t have a perfect draft the first time. No one ever does. So plan days for careful proofreading or correction making. Fix the draft as many times as you need before it is perfect. Don’t settle for anything less.

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