How to Write a Master’s Thesis if You Have Little Time Left

Master's thesis are long, often convoluted projects that sap your time and energy. They take hard work, dedication, and are best attempted by writing a small amount of information about them every day. The best way to complete a master’s thesis is to start on the first day, plan out your steps, and work on it a few hours each day so it is done by the deadline. Of course, this does not always happen. Life can get in the way, you could be distracted, maybe you hate the work that you have done and need to start over. In any case, you can have a thesis to write and be right up against the deadline. What can you do?

Quite a lot, actually. The first thing to realize is that you need to admit to yourself that you have messed up down the line. This requires honest reflection because you are honestly going to need to cancel all your appointments and crack down to get everything done. If you dos not have at least a few days or more than a week even before you have your finial presentation to do, there is likely nothing you can do about it without an extension. You are going to need to spend all day on this and bust yourself working to have hope of getting it done on time.

You will need to cut a lot of corners here and hope those grading you will not notice. Do very cursory research, make an assumption, and see if you can find a source that proves it true. This is the fastest way to do research, though it is not very high quality, it will get you through it faster. Just do you research by looking things up in a search engine are you write your essay.

Next, you are going to need to type fast, and skip on solving errors until the last minute. However, you still must edit very carefully. Normally, you should take time for five to ten drafts; in this case, you have only two. To do that you will need to work between six and ten hours a day, including weekends. This is really the only way you are going to get anything done. Drink energy drinks, stay up late, but make sure you keep writing. Do not use music, turn the internet off when you are not researching, and by no means let yourself get distracted. This will let you output a lot of writing very quickly.

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