How Do You Write a Dissertation: Clarifying Some Tough Issues

The most important thing you need to understand about writing a dissertation is that you cannot put off this process until the end of your research. It’s essential that you do both these things simultaneously. This way, you will be able to see where you should concentrate your attention during research. You will also know whether you need to find more arguments.

Writing a dissertation is a complicated process that will require a lot of time. You should start it with finding out the requirements this paper must meet. This includes:

  • Word limit
  • Type, content and order of chapters that must be included in the dissertation
  • Content that should be included in appendices instead of the main body of the paper
  • Marking scheme

Understanding Dissertation Structure

Dissertation is a complex research paper that must have a predetermined structure. There are several conventions that define different structure types, so you will need to consult your professor to learn yours.

The most common structure includes:

  • Title page

  • Abstract

    This section is short, but very important. In essence, this part must contain a very short and to the point summary of the work you’ve done and your conclusions. Tip: write the abstract after you’ve finished writing the dissertation.

  • Acknowledgments page

  • Contents

  • Introduction

    In a dissertation, introduction is based on abstract, but offers more information about the points included in it.

  • Context of the study

    In this part, you will need to describe the current state of the field of your research and explain how your work fits into it.

  • Materials and methods

    Give a detailed description of all the methods, materials and sources you used. The point of this part is to explain how you managed to draw your conclusions, and allow other people to do the same by repeating your work.

  • Results

    This part will include results of the research and discussion of those results.

  • Conclusion

    For a dissertation conclusion is not merely a summary, but a paragraph that you use to demonstrate the conclusions you managed to reach through the research. You will also need to mention how this will affect your field of study.

  • References

  • Appendices


It’s imperative that you include some arguments in your dissertation. They should prove that:

  • Your research is indeed important for the field of study.
  • The methods you used are the best for this kind of research.
  • Your analysis of the situation is correct.
  • All the interpretations and conclusions included in the dissertation are reasonable and logical.

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