Where Can I Get Psychology Dissertation Topics?

Finding the right dissertation topic can make or break one’s experiences in graduate school. Of course, it’s always best to go with a topic that interests you, and one which is easy to research—but outside of that, what are some great starting points for choosing a topic?

One way is by considering a sub-topic in psychology and then taking some time to read more about it. Often, an aspect of the subtopic might appeal to you and lead to choosing a good dissertation topic. Some subtopics to consider are:

  • Motor control and spatial orientation
  • Risks and protective factors in psychological disorders (culture, gender, development)
  • Causes and effects of sexual aggression
  • Health and psychology—how physical mechanisms affect psychological states
  • Social psychology—how we perceive others
  • Cultural psychology—how cultural backgrounds affect psychological states
  • Family psychology—examining how relationships between family members affect the psychological state of the individual
  • Psychology of personality
  • Gender psychology
  • Neuroscience and psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Cognitive development over time
  • Emotional development over time

Sometimes, however, a student faces a sort of topic block, not unlike writer’s block. For those students, we’ve compiled a list of more specific and focused dissertation topic ideas to serve as inspiration. While these topics may need to be narrowed down a bit more in order to formulate a thesis, they’re a great starting point for students. It’s always a good idea to make a topic for a dissertation unique, as well—so choosing a topic which one can customize a bit is a good move. Here’s a list of dissertation topic ideas to inspire psychology students:

  • Emotional stereotyping due to gender, age, ethnicity, or other factors
  • Gender differences in non-verbal communications
  • Encoding emotion in music
  • Emotional regulation—gender differences
  • Social functioning and emotional gender differences
  • Risk factors that point to a certain psychological disorder
  • Prevention of certain psychological disorders
  • Development of emotions in different stages of the life cycle
  • Recognition of emotions
  • Emotional and attention related differences amongst cultures
  • How culture influences social processes
  • How culture influences cognitive processes
  • How aging influences neural processes
  • How aging influences memory
  • Stress and memory in midlife
  • How health and well-being influence personality
  • How health and well-being influence cognition
  • How familial factors influence aggression in children
  • Gender differences in psychological adjustment in teens
  • Cortisol awakening response—factors which affect it
  • Comparison of different moods and their related endocrinological processes

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