A tutorial on education dissertation topics selection

A dissertation or a thesis is an important form of writing during the academic career of students. The aim of a dissertation is to teach the students how to improve their writing skills and research methods. A good researcher is the one who stays on the topic and finds his required data in the minimum possible time. Staying on the topic will help the student in many ways like

  • Saving time spent on research
  • Reducing the time spent on deleting irrelevant details
  • Easy data analysis
  • Moving to the writing process earlier
  • Finishing their dissertation before the deadline
  • Managing time to revise and proof read their dissertation

Education is a very interesting subject and can help the students go a long way in choosing their career. Students who take up education in their advanced level degrees are most likely to become a teacher or a professor in primary, secondary and advanced level education. If you want to select a topic related to education for your dissertation, you need to analyze your focus. Whether you are aiming on primary level education or secondary is an important decision.

Pre-school Education

If you have chosen preschool education as your subject of interest then you need to understand what preschool education is. In most parts of the world, preschool education refers to early schooling for children aged from 18 months to 6 years. If you want to select a topic in this category then you may find the following helpful

  • The introduction of Montessori level education and effects on long-term studies
  • The language and calculation skills of toddlers who join preschool as compared to those who don’t
  • The effects of preschool education on children, Pros, and cons

These topics might trigger more ideas in your brain and help you think of a topic that impresses your teachers and professors

Primary school education

Primary school education is also referred to as elementary level education in most parts of the world. This covers the education for students who are between 6-13 years of age. Under this category, you can find the following dissertation topics helpful

  • Is primary level education in accordance with the secondary level education in your country?
  • Does the expense on primary level education exceed the affordability for an average family?
  • Should the government provide free elementary level education to all students?

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