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When you decide that you wish to tackle a PhD dissertation, you know you are in for a serious test. It will be a test of your stamina and perseverance. It will be a test of your writing skills and research ability. It will be a test of your ability to relate well to your supervisor, to take advice and to follow the roadmap which you have created in the first place.

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your work is to find good PhD dissertation samples and study them. You study them for all their good points so that you may emulate the style and technique of the successful student. But what sort of thing should you be looking for?

  • Is the dissertation ground breaking in what it has to say?
  • Does it have a defined hypothesis and then added supporting arguments?
  • Is there evidence of independent research which has been carried out?
  • Is the dissertation an independent piece of writing?

Certainly by going to any college library and asking to see samples of PhD dissertations you will have much to choose from. Finding a dissertation in a similar field to the one you propose to tackle could be a good idea although you can always learn about technique, layouts and writing skills from any decent dissertation.

What is available online however is certainly a plethora of good PhD dissertation samples. You may be overcome by the range of topics available. But remember finding a good dissertation sample is one thing; being able to deduce and understand the technique and methodology is another. Consider each sample you read in light of the questions set out above.

Any decent dissertation will say something new. It might be a discovery of a new line of thought or it might be a new way of looking at a well-known situation. What does the sample have to say?

Look for a clear hypothesis and then look for any and all arguments used to support that hypothesis. Of course it's also possible to come up with arguments which disprove the hypothesis. You will find such an approach in a well-balanced PhD dissertation sample.

Look too for evidence of research. Of course a good PhD dissertation will contain the thoughts of the writer. But these will be informed and balanced by their ability to read widely and accurately. Finally look for the independence aspect of the dissertation sample. Is it the work solely of the writer?

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