A List Of Interesting Thesis Topic Ideas About Education In Europe

Write a thesis is challenge that can be made significantly easier by selecting a topic that is both interesting and unique. A writer’s enthusiasm towards a topic will come through in his or her writing, making the thesis much more enjoyable for the reader. Here are a few great ideas for writing a thesis about education in Europe:

  1. How does the education in Europe differ from that of the U.S.? How are the effects of these differences apparent in the success across different industries in both parts of the world?
  2. How do different benefits packages for educators in different parts of Europe affect the quality of educational institutions in their abilities to retain the best instructors and provide a top-notch system of learning for its children and teenagers?
  3. How does education in Europe differ from country to country in terms of funding and the value it holds in society’s opinion? Does funding for academics affect how a country compares to others in terms of GDP?
  4. Adequately financing academic institutions is a growing challenge in all parts of the world. How does the method of financing both public and private institutions set Europe apart from other parts of the world?
  5. Should students or parents decide if a teenager has to take a human sexuality course or should the decision be left to individual academic institutions?
  6. How are European teachers using technology to improve learning standards across different nations on the continent? Who leads the way? Which countries are falling behind?
  7. How has the recent turn towards sexual education in Europe faired in light of criticism from other parts of the world? What has the evidence from birth rates to the spread of STDs shown in support or opposition to the trend?
  8. What do studies show on the push from several European nations to move towards healthier diet choices in order to promote better grades in children and teens?
  9. Should young students in both public and private schools not be exposed to technologies, including computers, cell phones, tablets, etc. until they are old enough to understand the risks and effects of cyber bullying?
  10. Do you think that classes about puberty, sexual health and STDs should be mandatory no matter what a parent or student prefer on the subject? Does the state government have a say or does the responsibility fall to individual institutions?

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