Thesis Editing Fundamentals: 10 Must-Know Rules

So you have already taken your time and written what you would in all honesty consider to be an incredible paper and all you are left with is to edit your thesis and present it to your teacher for marking. Since you have already done the hard part which involves doing the research and eventually writing, there should not be a reason for you to fail because of something as slight as editing your work. Do not get this wrong however, in as much as this task is considerably easier, it is still one of the most common areas where so many students come to lose lots of marks. The following are some useful tips featured on a blog at that will help guide you the next time you are editing your thesis:

  • Break down the long sentences
  • Get rid of too many adverbs
  • Try and speak in one voice
  • Remove additional punctuation
  • Get rid of negative speech in place of the positive speech
  • Make words simpler
  • Take away the redundancies
  • Eliminate the prepositions
  • Remove words like “in order to”
  • Use stronger verbs in your paper

Break down the long sentences

One of the easiest ways of editing you thesis appropriately is to get rid of the longer sentences. Try to read your paper and find them and if possible, halve them.

Get rid of too many adverbs

If your paper has too many adverbs, try and get rid of some of them. These words tend to bring a sense of prolonging to your work.

Try and speak in one voice

You have to choose whether you want to speak in third, second or first person in your work, depending on what you are after.

Remove additional punctuation

There are some punctuation that must really be done away with. Pay attention to the commas in particular.

Get rid of negative speech in place of the positive speech

As you read through your work try and replace the negative speech terms with more positive highlights.

Make words simpler

If you are having a harder time with long terms, try and use words that are smaller and simpler to comprehend.

Take away the redundancies

Read through the work a second and third time to find the redundant words in use.

Eliminate the prepositions

Prepositions can also add a lot of clatter to your work, so get rid of those that are not really needed.

Remove words like “in order to”

Words like “in order to” make your paper look like you ran out of ideas.

Use stronger verbs in your paper

The appropriate use of verbs makes your paper more active

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