12 Excellent Marketing Dissertation Topics For University Students

Marketing is the primary key for a success in business for every single company. There are a number of topics and areas and methods of marketing prevalent in the society. Thus to choose particular topic for a dissertation paper becomes quite hectic at times as they require excellent relevance in the field of study.

Moreover topics should be chosen in such a way that you are interested to do a research on to complete your assignments and you have something serious and unforeseen to incorporate into your thesis. Thus you can even expect good feedback if you choose a topic about which there are several researches still your will be considered only if you can fill it up with your viewpoints and inputs which are not established before. You can even opt for a less known or a less popular topic so that your success is guaranteed. However in that case you need to be illustrative and informative.

Some of the excellent topics for research

Among the several topics which are capable of providing you with a good thesis paper a few are as follows

  • One of the primary marketing strategies is to provide loyalty cards to customers and hence a paper can easily be written on the role of loyalty cards for increasing the purchase.
  • Branding is the tools which often can facilitate the companies to sell sub- par products and hence a research on it will be a subsequent one. However at several instances branding has entirely reformed the companies profile in a positive way and hence papers on the success of branding for the expansion of business can rightfully be considered as substantial topics for dissertations.
  • Ethical limitations of branding and marketing strategies can be chosen.
  • Building good relationship with customers is a key for prolonged success and hence marketing techniques by involving customer interaction and direct marketing to the customers to increase the sell can comprise a number of topics.
  • With the introduction of e-commerce and internet related business the marketing through online websites and the procurement of business via social media are few of the important and contemporary areas of research for marketing disciples.
  • Different marketing strategies for different demographics, customer case study for online marketing and sell and psychological impact on customers with motivational ad campaigns can always be considered to be a vast area of research and development and hence if chosen can bring you success in tour dissertation project.

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