Thesis Writing Help: 5 Ways To Recognize Fraud

Writing an academic essay may seem a very tough task, especially when you have heard about the subject for the first time. So, finding the right material to complete the essay could feel like you're grasping at straws. That’s why the online helping services are now on the top of the Internet market. Dozens of people realized that they can make money by simply helping students with their writing assignments.

However, there are plenty of vague essay writing services ready to trick you at every step. If the situation above sounds familiar, next basic hints of how to recognize a fraud essay helping service will be essential for you. First of all, pay attention to the prizes offered by the company. If the cost begins lower than 10-15 dollars per page it is obvious that the helping company can’t afford qualified professional writers. It also means that the writers are not native speakers, even though the company can claim that they hire only English speakers. Secondly if the website advertises 100 percent privacy and security, it rather means that they are not under the jurisdiction of legitimate authorities.

Another tip for you is to check the comments and reviews from previous customers. Thus, it will be apparently that the company is fraud, if the comments are mostly negative or don’t exist at all. If you have noticed statistics like the activity of their website or the number of satisfied users – you can be sure that this information is fabricated. Check the company’s age by using a special program – whois. If the age doesn’t match with the submitted age on the website, it means that the company is lying or even doesn’t exist. If the helping server has its own plagiarism checker, this means that in future the company can illegally sell or publish your essay as their own.

If you have noticed that the company has dozens of departments, apparently they are a fraud and are usually to give sham impression of a credible serious organization. In actuality all the decisions are being made only by one person, a director, who often manages such an organization from his/her own home. If the company refuses to give you all the needed contacts of your writer, it is better to choose another company. A reliable service provides their clients with all communications to be able to contact your freelance writer at any time.

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