Theses And Dissertations Database: How To Get Access

Getting access to a thesis or dissertation database may not be as easy as it seems. Some databases are particular as to how students gain access to its content. Some students may need to submit a special request, while others need to sign up with a password and username. Some databases are public and others are private. When considering access to a database you need to review terms of use carefully before proceeding. You do not want to waste too much time trying to access content if the process seems too complicated. The following points are main aspects to focus on when seeking access.

  • Carefully Follow Instructions Given via Research Database
  • Most schools will have some instructions or information regarding how to access this content. It is important to review this information as you may need to get permission from an administrator or school staff member. For some schools you may need to access the content through the library database or special archives unit at your school. When you understand this information you get a better idea of how to access what you are look for and how to search for it. Some schools will have a print version of a thesis or dissertation that can be checked out at your library.

  • Use School Recommendations
  • Some schools will have dissertations and thesis content from several years ago. You will need to have an idea of what kind of content you are look for. Your school may suggest their database and they may offer recommendations for other schools. Review ways you can access the content. Some schools offer PDF downloads and others have print copies used by multiple students. You may have the option to use a digital download but this may be available for theses and dissertations for certain years.

  • Understand How to Conduct a Search for Your Content (indexing)
  • Some databases may not have recent content for students to look up. For instance, a database may have content with the most recent being from 2009. Others may have a special indexing system that helps you find content by topic spanning from a certain year through the current date. You may find other content include abstracts in the same manner. Some content may not be indexed depending on the school and whether there is a public version of it available.

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