What kind of research are you expected to conduct for your psychology thesis?

When it comes to writing your psychology thesis there are three different types of research that you may be expected to conduct?

  1. Experimental research
  2. Academic Research
  3. First Hand Research

In order to create a well-rounded psychology thesis it may be a good idea to include all three types of research in your paper. You may also choose just to focus on one specific kind of research and relay your findings within the paper. It is important that you adhere to the assignment criteria in order to know exactly what type of research you may be expected to include as well. If no research type is specified consider carefully what kind is the most appropriate in order to respond to the thesis question.

Experimental Research

Experimental research is when the author conducts the experiment on their own and writes about their findings. Depending on the extent of the experiment the procedure and the process details may be described extensively within the psychology thesis.

Academic Research

Academic research is where the author investigates the thesis topic using scholarly documents, books, and other. Typically the resource material has been composed by an expert in the field and written to cover a specific area of study. Depending on the nature of the thesis the author may use one or more academic research sources to draw their own conclusions. All of the sources used must be clearly cited and stated within the thesis document for refereeing materials.

First Hand Research

First Hand research is when the author writes from there own experiences. They may also conduct interviews, observe others behaviors, and use resource materials to compose their thesis. First hand research typically relays information as well as includes the author’s own insights. All resource materials must also be clearly stated for reference when using this type of research.

When composing a psychology thesis there are different types of research styles that can be used. It is up to the writer to determine what type is most appropriate to demonstrate their findings and support their thesis statement. You may also choose to use these different research styles in combination to create your supporting points.

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