A Guide To Choosing Undergraduate Dissertation Topics In Marketing

If you are interested in marketing and you want to pursue a career in this niche, there is a lot of knowledge you need to gain even before you start your university. It is a very complex niche, and not many people can figure it out. You have to be extremely good with numbers, to be able to make calculus fast in your mind but in the same time you need to know how to sell and present a product. For your dissertation, you need to choose a topic that will be interesting for your classmates, and that is fresh and original. These ideas might help you in your search:

  • Online shopping. More and more people nowadays prefer to save time and to make shopping online. This gives promoters less space to present their product, so how can you attract customers through a web page?
  • How to gain customer’s loyalty? There are many tactics that you can apply, starting from loyalty cards to discounts, but which one is more effective?
  • Building a brand. There are words and images, representative for companies, which are well-known no matter what corner of the world you will visit. How did they reach such extent?
  • Imposing a uniform to the employees can increase the sales? There are stores that require their employees to wear uniforms representative for the brand while others can wear any neutral clothing. What do you think?
  • Using national culture in sales. Many times companies use the culture of a country to promote a product that is not necessary representative of that country. Is this really a smart marketing strategy?
  • Social media. Since social media is such a powerful tool today, almost any business has an active profile on the internet where they try to keep a close relationship with their customers.
  • Multi-cultural employers. Many times a multi-cultural team with seem more open for the customers, and they will not feel intimidated in any way to discuss with the staff.
  • Is gender publicity effective? For certain products, the commercial is always putting the accent on gender, even if the products are designed for men and women. For example, car commercial are almost always addressed to men.
  • The personalization of products. Many clothing lines developed products that you can personalize with different images or words. How effective this strategy is and what are the biggest brands that applied it?

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