How To Create A Brilliant Counselling Psychology Doctoral Thesis

A doctoral thesis is one of the most important works in the career of a scientist. Demands to such works are quite high, much higher than to other academic works. So, if you are into writing a brilliant counselling psychology doctoral thesis, you need to know several very important points that will help you reach success.

You will need only a few things:

  • A good topic,
  • Reliable reference literature,
  • A computer,
  • Some writing skills.

There are several steps towards success that you should take, and they are listed below.

  1. Compose a clear and informative working title.
  2. Though it’s strongly recommended to compose titles at the end of the process of working over a doctoral thesis, you need something to guide you. A working title will help you find limits of the counselling psychology topic that you choose for your research.

  3. Make it novel and valuable.
  4. Keep in mind the fact that the doctoral thesis must be a full and complete work that involves new methods of researching and theories that are developed by you.

  5. State your goals and objectives precisely.
  6. You need to be laconic and precise in naming goals and objectives of your research because it’s very important for understanding of your counselling psychology work. These parts should better be written after you have results of your research and know for sure what you have reached with its help.

  7. Stick to a precise format.
  8. The thesis must be of a certain size that is determined by your supervisor and general demands to doctoral theses. A standard format that includes a short introduction, a review of used literature, materials and methods of research, results and conclusions is highly recommended.

  9. Give attention to methods.
  10. The methodology chapter needs special attention because detailed descriptions allow other researchers of counselling psychology repeat the experiments in future. Unique methods require separate description.

  11. Make the text understandable.
  12. You need to remember that your work can be used not only by your colleagues with the same knowledge of the subject but also by younger students who may want to use your experience in their own studies. That’s why, try to write your project in the simplest available language (no informality, though), explaining all terms and abbreviations, and using illustrations.

  13. Give reliable grounds.
  14. As soon as you are likely to describe novel theories, they should be grounded properly and confirmed by experimental and empiric data.

  15. Make right conclusions.
  16. The chapter with conclusions must match the chapter with goals and objectives perfectly.

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