Dissertation Writing Help: Quick Tips For Newcomers

Having to write your dissertation may just be the most daunting aspect of a graduate education. It is the end to thousands of hours spent in writing, research, and training, and for years after you graduate, it will be a representation of who you are. Much of the stress that goes along with it is simply unwarranted, as a large majority of the skills you already have can be applied to writing your dissertation. In order to develop a quality dissertation, follow along with these quick tips:

Identify the Purpose

The main purpose of writing a dissertation is to prepare students to be professionals in their chosen discipline. This means that they need to be able to demonstrate that they have the ability to conduct research that is significant, original, and independently done. During the process of writing a dissertation, it is essential to maintain contact with advisors and the expectations that they have.

Originality and Significance

The dissertation you write needs to offer a new and original advance or insight. Think along the lines of a contribution that has never been seen, found, done, or proven before. Significance comes from not only being useful information, but also having an impact in your field.

Understand the Discipline

It should be obvious in the dissertation that you have a strong command and understanding of previous literature, and how your research has either advanced or challenged it. The importance of your research should be clearly explained.


The project you have chosen should be planned well and be well-executed. Reliable data should be utilized from many different sources, and it should be theoretically sophisticated.


Each section of the dissertation should be professionally written and well-organized. There should be no mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, or sentence structure. Both the research project and your findings should be clearly explained. Talk to your advisors so that you are aware of their expectations for each of the components contained in the dissertation. Typically, this is the exact order for a dissertation paper: Introduction, Literature Review, Theory, Method, Data or Results Analysis, Results Discussion, and Conclusion.


Then do it again. And again. And again. Poor writing diminishes the overall quality of any dissertation so make sure that it is perfect.

Above all, consistently make use of your advisors. They are your greatest resource throughout the entire research and writing process. Make sure that you clearly understand what their expectations are, and how to achieve them. Writing a dissertation is hard work, but by sticking to these quick tips you will stay on the right track.

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