How to come up with an idea for a catchy dissertation topic

How to write a good dissertation thesis?

  • Step one: Set-up a schedule to complete the dissertation thesis.
  • Step Two: Spend at least 2 to 3 hours per day to work on the dissertation thesis.
  • Step Three: When working on the dissertation always ensure to take breaks to clear and refresh your mind or brain.
  • Step Four: Ensure to pick a good topic for the dissertation.
  • Step Five: When picking the topic for the paper, always ensure to select one that is approved by the dissertation committee.
  • Step Six: When selecting the topic, ensure to make a chart of the top ten ideas for the dissertation topic.
  • Step Seven: Narrow the top ten list down to the top five list.
  • Step Eight: Once pick the topic from the top five list, ensure to get the topic approved by the dissertation committee.
  • Step Nine: Next, draft an outline of the topic to determine whether or not the topic will be worth the time to write about in the dissertation.
  • Step Ten: Once the topic has been chosen and approved, begin to do research on the topic.
  • Step Eleven: Next, once have all necessary material, resources, and sources on the topic, start looking for a professional to write my dissertation for me.
  • Step Twelve: Do at least two or three rough drafts of the dissertation before begin to write the finalized research paper.
  • Step Thirteen: Have a third party like a professor or classmate to review the research paper for any errors.
  • Step Fourteen: Do the final draft of the dissertation, review it very carefully, and turn it into the dissertation committee.

How to choose a good topic for the dissertation thesis?

  • Normally, the professor will provide the students with approved topics for the dissertation thesis.
  • Can pick a topic from the course textbook, class syllabus, and class materials.
  • Can ask for assistance from friends or classmates in choosing an excellent topic for one’s dissertation.
  • Depending on one’s major in graduate school, can pick an idea for a topic that is trendy in your major.
  • Also, it is advisable to read and review news articles, publications, and periodicals to find a good topic for the dissertation.
  • It is always advisable to pick a topic that is near and dear to one’s own heart to write about.
  • The topic that the student chooses should be interesting and desirable to write in the dissertation.

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