Basic Rules Of Formatting A Dissertation Acknowledgements Page

While writing a dissertation, we devote our entire attention to the subject matter and academic techniques of the writing. As a result, we don’t pay attention to the acknowledgment section of the paper. Although an appreciation won’t win you any extra marks, it will create an impression of the author in the mind of the instructor. A student is not evaluated by this section but still it is an important section of your work that you must not miss out.

What do we write in an acknowledgment? This is a question that can cross the minds of the numbers of students toiling hard to write such a paper. It is the way you thank your supervisor for helping you in your work. You will generally write a confession at the end when you rush to finish your paper. In case you don’t get the thing wrong, you can check it out on this site for guidance on how to write this section.

Format for dissertation acknowledgment:

  1. When you write a tribute, you start with thanking the most important person and then follow the rest in ascending order. You can also write about how those people helped you in coming up with writing a dissertation successfully, about which you had no prior experience.
  2. In the first section of the confession, right a little bit about your work, what sort of challenges you faced, how you overcome them and what you learnt from them. This will create a move for you to start thanking the important people in the next section. Write it in a short paragraph and keep the word counts limited.
  3. In the next paragraph, start with thanking your supervisor. It should not be a simple gesture like “thank you”, but a bit on how your teacher/mentor helped you in a particular section of the thesis. Often you have to thank strategically the people who have often let you down across the process, but you have to mention their name somehow. If you have taken financial aid from someone, never fail to mention his/her name. Remember to mention the name and how that particular person helped you while you are thanking him/her.
  4. In the end, you should thank your family and friends for their support. This is a very nice gesture that will reflect your personality to the teacher. You must remember that the whole appreciation section must be written in a formal way.

These are the basic rules for formatting a dissertation acknowledgment.

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