The 15 Most Interesting Sport Psychology Dissertation Titles


A dissertation is a process of having research on a specific topic and documenting it. The document should be the results and conclusions reached by the students at the end of the research. Dissertations are very important for the students as it influences the final grades. But never do this research just for the grades as it stretches far beyond achieving your degree.


The major purpose of the dissertation is to familiarize the student with the process of researching, find the joy of searching information, assessing the information and finally documenting it by the student itself. This is the first test of the creativity of the student. It highlights the ability of students to communicate and test their analytical power.

Topic selection

Topic selection is an important process in dissertation as it is a part of your academic degree. When selecting the topics, always select the topics which are from your strongest area. Never select topics from strange areas. If you select a topic which you barely know, the research part will get ruined and eventually documenting process will also fail.

15 interesting sport psychology dissertation titles

Students who studies sport psychology should chose titles that could help progress their career further. The 15 dissertation titles are challenging as well as interesting topics.

  1. Sport injury: A study about the causes and quick healing of sport injury.
  2. Obesity among footballer: How obesity mentally affects football players.
  3. Leadership in sports: A study about the leadership qualities among the team sport players.
  4. Homosexuality in coaching.
  5. Gender in coaching: How much more effective is a woman coach, coaching men’s sports side and vice versa.
  6. Marathon injuries among football layers: A study to check whether continuous injuries weaken a good sports player mentally.
  7. Drug addicts among sports players: A study to find what mental sickness takes players to be an addict to drugs.
  8. Depression among football players: A study to understand how depression attacks a football player who rarely gets a play time at the field.
  9. Racism among cricketers: A study to check whether racist comments affect black players in the South African cricket team.
  10. Career transition in sports: A case study of the psychological effects of career riding injuries in football academies of Spain.
  11. Exercise and parenthood: A study to check problems faced by child sport persons training with their parents.
  12. Complex & ego: A study to check how complex among child football players in sports academies affect their performance.
  13. Hatred among football players: A study about the rivalries among players in same football team.
  14. Clash between coach and the player: A study about reasons for clashes between an athlete and his coach.
  15. Drug addicts in football: A study about drug addicts football players in Africa.

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